Jersey City, NJ

The first US city to deploy United Rescue

If a 911 call comes in from a high-rise building for a heart attack victim on the 10th Floor, why should we not try to bridge the response time to provide help if we know there is someone who can help on the 5th Floor?… This system will be the first to leverage the community working with technology. Mayor Steven Fulop, Jersey City, NJ
United Rescue, Jersey City is an initiative designed and administered by the Jersey City Medical Center EMS to enable citizens in every neighborhood, using GPS technology, to help those nearby before the ambulance arrives.

Become a CBEC
(Community Based Emergency Caregiver)
and Save Lives!

As a Jersey City volunteer CBEC you will…

  • Undergo 60 hour training course
  • Receive GPS app and medical equipment
  • Respond to local emergencies and help your neighbor in his/her time of need

Bring United Rescue to Your City

United Rescue partners with city governments and community leaders to deploy its GPS enabled service. We provide the technology, help source the capital, and support volunteer recruitment and training efforts. The program is administered by the local emergency authorities in each city.

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International Affiliates

United Rescue is based on United Hatzalah, in Israel.

Affiliates have been deployed successfully in the following international locations: